A Programme To Help You Achieve Success

Gastric Sleeve Program

Benefits of this program

Training Focus

Muscle development to increase weight loss

Training Sessions and Duration

3 Sessions / Wk for 1 hr

Training Composition

Mixture of X Weights and Weight Training

Your weight loss journey has only just begun.

Once you have completed your surgery now is the time to embark on the next phase. It has been shown already that exercise will not only help you to lose more weight, it will also help you to keep it off.

By starting an exercise program after your surgery you will feel many amazing affects:

  • Maintaining weight loss
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Reducing your risk of developing heart disease and some types of cancer
  • Enhancing your self-esteem and confidence
  • Helping develop and maintain muscle strength, endurance and tone
  • Promoting joint stability, bone strength and integrity
  • Aiding your ability to perform daily living activities
  • Improving your skin elasticity
  • Elevating your mood, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving your overall health, well-being and mental outlook

Break Habit what’s to help you on your journey to achieving your healthy weight and so we have create the PGS Training Program.

This program is specifically designed for Gastric Sleeve Clients who haven’t ever trained before. It is a progressive workout that over the weeks will help to:

Detailed Workout Plan

After a Gastric Sleeve operation, one of the most important aspects to focus on is the development of muscle mass. Unfortunately as part of the weight loss you will experience you will will not only loss fat from the body but muscle mas as well unless you undergo training to maintain the muscle you have. This is the primary focus of the program. We will work with you to develop a program that is specially tailored to your requirements that will help you to not only maintain muscle but increase it as well.

Over the course of time the amount of weight you have carried can potentially have an impact on your joints. We will take an assessment of your flexibility and strength of your joints and then work into your program exercises that will help to improve them.

The program you will undertake will have a mixture of Weight Training for developing muscle mass and X Weights for increasing your cardio fitness as well as continuing to maintaining your muscle mass. Each week you will alternate between two program styles and this combination will give you the best result to not only improve your weekly weight loss but also develop the muscle and strength you need.

This program targets the overall improvement of your body’s health and well being. It has been designed to help you bring your body back to a level of fitness through a steady approach that is working at your pace and wont push to limits your not ready for yet. The important part of this program is to improve your overall body’s condition so you can live a happier and healthy life.

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