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Break Habit isn’t just about health and fitness; Break Habit is about transformation. We are more than a Personal Training business that’s about weight loss, muscle development and diet plans.Break Habit is helping you to transform from the person you are now to the person you have always wanted to be. We are about helping you see your true potential and lift your heights of success through the medium of health and fitness.

From our own personal experience we have come to realise that the healthier you feel the better your life becomes. And so, we want to share this with you. ​Already with the clients we have we are seeing amazing results because we don’t just work on the physical aspects of training we also worked on the inner aspects of self-discovery that help create the great results.

Break Habit Personal Development & Training is focused on helping you develop the skills to train and the mindset to overcome obstacles to achieve your true potential.Your future is set by the health you have today.

Your Aim  is to Master Discipline

Discipline is actually a very simple thing to have, once you’ve got it! It’s the hardest thing to create because you have to use your determination to fight your way through the old subconscious programs and rewrite new ones. Once you have written new ones then discipline becomes easier and easier to achieve. But you have to be careful. You will never get to a point where you can say to yourself ‘Ok great I have discipline now I can stop working at it’. You never stop working at discipline. Discipline is its own reward. The moment you stop working toward achieving discipline you will lose it.

There are two steps to discipline, first is to achieve it, the second step is to master it. By mastering discipline what you are able to do is maintain good control over what you eat and your general health and fitness but then allow yourself indulgences with full confidence that once the indulgence is over you’ll be able to go right back to being discipline about what you eat and your general health and fitness. Mastering discipline is what you are aiming for.

  • step 1

    To Master Discipline first you need to establish a routine. A very simple one to do is make you bed as soon as you get up. It doesn’t have to be a complex routine, in fact the simpler the better. A simple routine builds the foundation for discipline.

  • step 2

    The more you perform your routine it turns into a habit. What the difference. A routine is a conscious thought to complete a task. A habit is a semi unconscious thought to complete a task. Once you are transitioning your routine into a habit, Look for other routine to start.

  • step 3

    Apply start to apply the ability your have to establish and routine, then a habit and apply it to specific areas of your life, e.g. Diet and Exercise.

Consistency Feeds Back into Everything You Do

That is what consistency boils down to, what you do every day of your life. Consistency is about choice. It’s about making the choice every day in very moment to continue on doing everything that brought you to your goal or not. Just like with discipline there are two steps to consistency. First you have to achieve it, then you have to master it. Essentially Disciple and consistency go hand in hand. Once you have achieved one you pretty much have the other. As soon as your stop working on one of them then other will start to slip as well.

The important thing to remember with consistency is that it feeds back into all the other elements. The more consistent you are the more motivated you’ll be. The motivation will feed your determination. The more consistent you are with fighting against your old belief and behaviour patterns the more you will build your discipline and of course the more consistent you are with you discipline the more you will not only achieve your goal and purpose but also stay consistency with this in your life.

  • step 1

    Develop a simple routine. If you don’t do it already I often suggest making your bed as soon as you get up. This one simple act done ever day forms the beginning of build consistency. It doesn’t matter that it’s not related to health and fitness, it’s more important that you create consistency first, know what it feels like, then you can apply it to anywhere in your life.

  • step 2

    Choose a more complicated task to develop consistency. Now this could be associated with your health and fitness or you could still choose another area of your life. So you could add tidying the bedroom and bathroom to making the bed . OR add meal preping your food for the day or week. Anything that takes developing consistency to the next level for you.

  • Step 3

    Apply the development of consistency to an areas of your life that you want to be ore consistent in. So if it’s going to the gym, then work out how you are going to be more consistent about this then apply it to your life. So a good way to become more consistent in going to the gym is by creating a weekly training plan to follow. You set your plan at the beginning of the week and then as each day goes by you log your training. One of the best ways to do this is to use a training app. What I would suggest is have a look at the training app we have to offer. For more information click here.

The Key to Successful Body Transformation

NutritionYou are what you eat. 50% of your journey to success is is through nutritious foods. The better you are at mastering your food the more success you will have

Weight TrainingIf you want to lose weight, then focus on toning up. The more muscle mass you create the fast your metabolism needs to function therefore turning you into a fat burning machine.

CardioThe better your cardiovascular fitness the better you will be at weight training and recoving after a hard session. Improve your cardio and the benefits are endless.

MentalWhat you think is what you become. Focus your mind not on losing weight but on getting stronger, getting fitter, becoming more healthier. Your focus is your aim so aim at what you want.

Lose Weight and Tone

The Weight Loss and Tone Program has been especially created for people who are wanting to improve their health and fitness to include losing excess weight and gain some muscle tone in the process. 

12 Week Excel Program

This 12 Week Program is a specially design program to help a client get into the mechanics of training and not just focus on improving their health and fitness.

Gastric Sleeve Program

Your weight loss journey has only just begun. Once you have completed your surgery now is the time to embark on the next phase. It has been shown already that exercise will not only help you to lose more weight, it will also help you to keep it off.

Personal Growth Program

The philosophy behind the program is a belief that for a person to truly make change in their life there needs to be work done on the inside that address the emotional and mental well being of the client at the same time as work  done on the outside that focuses on the physical health and well being.

About Me

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  • Experience: 15+ years


I first walked into a gym when I was 18 and spent the next 12 years working out. Around the age of 30 I had a major shift in my life that lead me to losing my way. During my thirties I stopped going to the gym and started living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I found myself in a storm of depression and heavy drinking. I was lost, my life was going nowhere and I was alone. If there’s one thing I never wanted to be when I was forty was fat and unhealthy and when 40 finally arrived I was everything I never wanted to be. It was then that I decided to change my life.

I had all the knowledge in the world when it came to training so all I had to do was get started. That finally happened when I saw an advert for a 12 week challenge. In that moment I knew that was what I had been looking for. As soon as the ad was over I signed up. Two weeks later I started and from that moment on I have never looked back. I turned my life around completed. The alcohol went, the depression went, the fitness returned, the diet improved and the weight I carried disappeared. I turned and confronted my fears head on and smashed through them and in the process of doing all this I found who I was again.

It was from this moment on I knew I wanted to become a Personal Trainer so I could help other people achieve the same results that I had. I want help people overcome the obstacles of their life through improved health and fitness. Break Habit is as much about personal development as well as health and fitness and what is what were are about.

I've been with Kagan for a month now and I've just managed to break out of the hundreds club and sneak back into the double figures club hahaha( lost 5kg). I'm very pleased with Kagan, he keeps me on track gives great advice with my diet and the workouts are great! (during Na, afterwards you feel great) lol. I still have a ways to go but will Kagan's help my goals seem very achievable.

Paddy kapo


Our training programs are designed to be tailored to you specific needs. No matter what your current state of health and fitness is, we will help you to achieve exactly the results you want through well structured training program.

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