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12 Week Excel Program

Benefits of this program

Training Focus

Muscle Development

Training Sessions and Duration

4 Sessions / Wk for 1 hr

Training Composition

Weight Training

This 12 Week Program is a specially design program to help a client get into the mechanics of training and not just focus on improving their health and fitness.

The 12 Week Program includes:​

  • Customised Training Program to suit client requirements
  • Nutrition Eating Guide
  • Training Session recorded
  • Body Stats – Measurements and Photos
  • 30 Day Mindset Challenge Workbook

This program will focus on

This 4 Day a Week Program creates the opportunity to train specific body parts on different days.

The break down is as follow:

Day 1: Chest and TricepsDay 2: Back and BicepsDay 3: Legs – Upper and LowerDay 4: Shoulders and Abs

This layout gives room for more training time per body part for a more intense workout.

There is no point weight training if you don’t learn about the muscles you are working. As part of this program we help you to get your ‘Mind into the Muscle’ and learn to feel how to engage the muscles you are work as well as understand why you are using the training exercises to target a particular muscle group.

Learning how to structure your training program is an important element to helping you to achieve great results. Training is more than just completing a set of exercises and what we will show you is the strategy behind creating a great workout so you can learn to get the most out of every session.

Over the course of your training program we will look at where your ‘Mindset’ is at and what you can do to improve it. The attitude you bring into the training will either help on your progress. Throughout your journey we will look your ‘self talk’ and ‘self believe’ and your ability to overcome the mental obstacles that could hinder your achievements.

No training program would be complete without a comprehensive nutrition eating plan. Ther eis no point in training hard every session to let yourself down with a bad diet. So what we have a diet that will feed your body all the right amount of Protein, Carbs and Fats as well as nutrients to help you achieve great results fast.

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