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Lisa was approaching 50 and but didn’t feel 50. She knew she still had an immense amount of life in her but the body wasn’t keeping up with the life she wanted to live. So she decided to change. Lisa embarked on now just one but three 12 weeks challenges that spanned over a year and a half. 

In each challenge Lisa learnt more about herself, how to train correctly and developed the discipline and consistency to train. As part of this process Lisa also paid close attention to her diet and focused on hitting her daily calorie limit and as well as making sure she was spot on with her intake of protiens, fats and carbs each day……. The result speaks for itself.

Training Objectives

The primary goal initially was to lose weight, tone up and develop a level of muscle definition.  For the first 12 week challenge, the program that was set was to go hard and heavy with weight training for 8 weeks to develop as mush muscle as possible and then switch in the last 4 switch to a higher rep range and lower weights to bring out the definition. This was achieved quite successfully.

In the subsequent 12 week challenges the focus was more on developing more muscle to build on what had already been achieved in the first challenge.

Having muscle definition wasn’t the only focus. It was also important to develop muscle strength. Therefore the use of weight training with pyramiding up in weights on each set as well as using drop sets and super sets was incorporated into the training to push the muscles past their initial limit to help build more strength into them. 

Lisa was already a great cook who made nutritious meals. Where the work needed to happen was in refining the diet to incorporate the macros of 50% Protein, 30% Carbs and 20% fats into each meal as well as hitting a calorie limit each day. 

Lisa quickly adopted this into her daily routine and use the free app My Fitness Pal to log her food daily. It didn’t take very long before the right training diet became second nature and really complemented the hard work done in the gym.

Lisa had never completed a 12 Week Challenge before and wanted to know whether so could stick to the training program as well as the diet and nutrition. What a 12 Week challenge does and this is what Lisa learnt was the discipline and consistency of training. 

Lisa found out that she was far more capable than she ever thought possible and the 12 Week Challenged helped her to grow as a person and see the potential she held inside. 


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