A Programme To Help You Achieve Success

Lose Weight And Tone

Benefits of this program

Training Focus

Muscle development to increase weight loss

Training Sessions and Duration

3 Sessions / Wk for 1 hr

Training Composition

Mixure of Cardio / X Fit and Weight Training

The Weight Loss and Tone Program has been especially created for people who are wanting to improve their health and fitness to include losing excess weight and gain some muscle tone in the process. 

The focus of the program is to help you develop

We will work on developing your cardio vascular fitness by putting you through a series of training exercises that are designed to elevate your heart hate quickly and get you into the ‘Fat Burn’ zone.

The more you work to improve your Cardio Fitness the better your weight training sessions will become as your stamina and energy will improve so you tackle weight training with greater intensity.

Next we begin to focus on developing your muscle tone. With improved Cardio Fitness means we can now start you on an intensive weight training program. The building of the muscle mass will help to speed up your metabolism with will then help you to burn more fat and develop a leaner body.

The golden rule of lifting: It’s not about how much you lift, it’s about how well you lift. The better the technique the less you have to lift in order to achieve a great result.

A major role of this program is to teach you how to lift correctly. We will show you the correct body positioning for every exercise you will do and how to ‘Listen’ to you body so you know when you performing the movement correctly.


The key to success in training is discipline and consistency, it’s the only way to achieve great results. When you embark on this program we will help you to lay out a weekly program for your training and your diet that you’ll be able to stick to. And over time you will form the foundation to train effectively every week and achieve consistent results.

What you eat everyday can either help you to achieve great success or hinder you and stop you from ever reaching your health and fitness goal. We can help you with this.

Through a series of diet planning session we will work with you to develop a weekly eating plan that will complement all the hard work you putting into your training. Correct diet plus great training equals awesome results.

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