Fitness Journey To Fall Pregnant

Navi – Part 1 The Journey to Pregnancy

Benefits of this program

Training Focus

Lose 20kg

Training Sessions and Duration

20 Kg Weight loss to fall pregnant

Training Composition

Weight Training and Cardio Fitness Combination

Navi  and her husband have been trying to have a baby for a few years. There have been through all the test the doctors  can give them both and every result say that they are both perfectly fine and healthy. One doctor suggested that Navi would stand a better chance of becoming pregnant if she lost some weight and improved her overall health and fitness. And so this has become Navi’s focus. 

After 6 moths of solid hard work in the gym, developing great nutrition and dropping 20 kg’s we at Break Habit are absolutely over the moon to say that Navi and her husband are having a baby!

Training Objectives

The target weight loss Navi wanted to achieve was 20 kg’s which took 6 months. Initially Navi thought it would a straight forward process of hard work in the gym and the weight loss would happen. Over time she came to realise how much diet played an important role in the process. 

Due to her indian culture it was initially struggle to find a diet that preserved traditional ways of cooking but still kept with the hitting a daily calorie limit and kept the macros in check. Those being 50% protein, 30% Carbs and 20% fats. Over time Navi skills in the kitchen helped to refine her diet which then complemented the hard training she did in the gym and progressively the weight was shed.

There are misconceptions about the traditional Indian Diet in that is it high in fats and carbs. Although this is partly true it’s important to note that fats and carbs are essential for a healthy diet. What Navi had to learn what to do is HOW to use fats and carbs in her diet and also increase her protein intake to help her muscle to rebuild after a workout.

What is important to note here is because Navi has been brought up on a traditional Indian Diet, when she strayed and tried a Western Clean Eating Diet, her body reacted in a negative way and her digestion had problems. Therefore it was important that Navi kept with her usual traditional but modified it to hit her daily calorie limit as well as her daily macros. When this was achieved that weight loss improved.

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