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Lose Weight To Fall Pregnant

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20 Kg Weight Loss

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Weight Training

Navi and her husband were ready to have a child but they were having problems conceiving. Both Navi and her husband went for every test there is to see if there were any medical issues that was stopping the process. All the the results came back negative. Both Navi and her husband had healthy bodies. After the last test results Navi’s doctor suggested that if she reduced her weight it would help in conceiving.

Navi came to see me in August 2017 and after our initial consultation decided to sign up with Break Habit and begin her weight loss journey. Over the course of the next year Navi worked hard giving each session 100% commitment. The main area we had to focus on diet. Since Navi originated from India she was use to and cooked in a Traditional India style.

It wasn’t a simple case of Navi able to switch to a clean eating western diet as this aggravated her stomach so we had to progressively link together a serious of meals she could eat that would still help her to lose weight but also maintained traditional Indian cooking.

Over time we were successful and Navi lost 20 kgs. And the best news of all is Navi conceived and is now preparing for her first child.



Training Objectives

Weight loss was the primary goal with Navi. Diet was the major obstacle to overcome. And so we reduced and swapped foods in and out of the diet until we found a combination that worked with Indian Style cooking yet still helps to reduce the weight over time.

The training program we used was also focused on developing muscle strength and size. Navi wasn’t looking to ‘Bulk Up’ and the program she was on was not designed for that. The aim was to increase muscle size which meant with more muscle the calorie burn would be higher each session and also the body metabolism would speed up with increased muscle mass.

For Navi, there was a strong sense of personal achievement that was riding on the training. Becoming a mother and starting a family with her husband was a strong desire within her. This was a driving force behind every training session Navi had. 

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