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Benefits of this program

Training Focus

Weight Loss and Muscle Mass Retention

Training Sessions and Duration

75 Kg Weight Loss

Training Composition

Weight Training

Sharon’s was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism at age 15 which resulted in her to progressively increasing her weight each year despite the amount of work she was doing at the gym and the good nutritional food she was eating. By the time she was 22 her weight increased to 145 kg. Under the advice of her doctor she under took Gastric Sleeve Surgery in an attempt to combat the weight gain. 

Three weeks after surgery, Sharon contact Break Habit to help her with her weight loss and so began her training. Along the way Sharon did more than just bring her weight down from 145 kg to 70 kg a loss of 75 kg, she learnt about herself, she grew in confidence and self esteem and developed a love for health and fitness.


Training Objectives

The number 1 objective was always to bring the weight down. Incremental weight targets were set to achieve which help to break down the large goal into smaller manageable sizes that became the main focus.

One of the main problems with Gastric Sleeve surgery is the loss of muscle mass as well as fat. Therefore a critical component of the training program was it lean more towards weight training using heavier weights and less reps  rather than muscle toning which uses lighter weights and more reps. This approach combined with an appropriate diet help maintain the muscle mass whilst the weight loss continued.

Training is far more than just complete a set number of exercises. It’s about understanding more about yourself and the journey you are non towards better health and fitness. For this journey Sharon learnt how to break through the barriers that were holding her back so she could achieve her true potential.

You can choose to go to the gym and perform a set of exercises OR…. you can learn How To Train.  As part of this program, it was important to teach Sharon, what muscle groups she was using with each exercise and how they benefited the body. She was also taught, about gym training techniques and how to structure a gym program.

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