Business Blues? Maybe It's Not More Coffee You Need, But a Healthier You!

The Unseen Domino Effect: How a Small Business Owner's Health Influences Their business success

Decreased Energy and Productivity

Poor health can drastically sap one's energy, making the long hours seem insurmountable. Tasks pile up, emails go unanswered, and soon, the backlog itself becomes a source of stress, exacerbating the health issue further.

Impaired Decision Making

With poor health comes cognitive fatigue. Decision-making by the owner, gets hampered. Choices made in such a state can be less informed, more impulsive, or downright detrimental to the business. Remember, one significant decision can make or break momentum.

Increased Absenteeism

Health issues inevitably lead to more days off. While every individual deserves to recuperate without guilt, for small businesses with limited personnel, the owner's absence can cause significant disruption. There's a tangible cost to this: lost sales, missed opportunities, and decreased customer trust.

Strained Business Relationships

Consistency is key in business. Suppliers, partners, and clients expect timely communications and meetings. A decline in health can lead to missed appointments or forgotten follow-ups, straining these crucial relationships. Over time, this can erode the business's reputation and trustworthiness.

Decreased Morale

Employees often look to the business owner as a barometer for the company's health. When they see the owner frequently ill or stressed, it can be demoralizing. The concern for the owner's well-being, combined with the anxiety about job stability, can lead to decreased morale and productivity.

Personal Financial Strain

Small business owners often tie their personal finances closely to their business's success. With declining health, not only do medical bills increase, but the business's potential decreased revenue can hit the owner's pocket directly. This added financial stress can further deteriorate one's health in a vicious cycle.

Your Health is Your Business’s Wealth

Boosting Your Health is the Business Breakthrough You Need!

In the world of business, there’s a secret that many overlook – the incredible synergy between physical well-being and business prosperity. Consider this: every decision, every strategic move, and every late-night work session relies on your energy, focus, and mental clarity. The stronger you are physically, the sharper you become mentally, leading to more informed decisions and effective leadership.

Break Habit Personal Training Mandurah helps you with all aspects of your health to improve your business success.

Peak Mental Performance

Just as muscles strengthen with exercise, so does the mind. A personal training program enhances brain functions, notably cognitive flexibility and memory. This means quicker decision-making, improved problem-solving abilities, and heightened creativity - all vital for a business owner navigating a competitive market.

Increase Business Stamina

Business marathons require endurance. A personal training program boosts your physical stamina, ensuring you're the last one standing after a gruelling day, week, or year. While competitors tire, a fit business owner can capitalize on more opportunities, ultimately leading to increased profits.

Reduced Sick Days

Regular exercise, guided by a personal trainer, enhances immunity and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Fewer sick days mean consistent business operations, ensuring customer trust and continuous revenue streams. In a business landscape where every day counts, staying active ensures you're always in the game.

Stress Management and Business Resilience:

Let's face it; the business world is fraught with stress. Personal training isn't just about physical wellness; it's a significant stress reliever. A healthier body can better combat the strains of business, allowing you to approach challenges calmly, think clearly, and strategize effectively. This resilience can be the difference between a setback and an opportunity for growth.

Inspiring Leadership

As a business owner, you set the tone for your team. Engaging in a personal training program not only elevates your physical well-being but serves as a source of inspiration for your employees. A leader who prioritizes health encourages a productive, energized, and motivated workforce, driving collective business growth.

The Ripple Effect on Business Networks

A healthy and fit appearance exudes confidence. When you're networking, pitching, or closing deals, the confidence derived from good health can be contagious. Potential clients, partners, and investors are more likely to associate with someone who portrays self-discipline and commitment, both of which are hallmarks of a successful businessperson.

a strategic business move that promises amplified growth, fortified profits, and a legacy of holistic success.

kagan ryder

Kagan Ryder

Personal Trainer & Performance Coach

Business Owner of Break Habit Personal Development and Fitness Training. With over 10 years experience in personal Development and Fitness Training, I am passionate about helping people reach their goals. 

My goal is to help business owners to recognise the undeniable connection between personal well-being and business prosperity. Every strategic decision, innovative idea, and leadership gesture is fuelled by the owner’s physical and mental stamina. Through a dedicated personal training program, I aim to elevate their health and fitness, thereby ensuring not only a healthier life but also a more resilient and profitable business venture.

By weaving health into the very fabric of business strategy, I believe small business owners can unlock unparalleled growth, inspire their teams, and navigate the challenging business landscape with unwavering confidence and energy. In essence, my mission is to make personal health the cornerstone of every small business’s success story.

The corner stones to achieving personal and professional success

Weekly Fitness Training Sessions

Every successful business thrives on routine, and the same applies to personal health. Our Weekly Fitness Training Sessions offer small business owners a consistent structure to improve their physical well-being, ensuring they have the stamina to face long business hours and unexpected challenges.

Training And Nutrition App

With our state-of-the-art Training and Nutrition App, you can seamlessly integrate fitness and nutrition plans into your busy schedule. Think of this as your pocket personal trainer and nutritionist - offering guidance, tracking your progress, and ensuring that even amidst back-to-back meetings, your health remains a priority.

Nutrition Training

Our Nutrition Training is more than just a diet plan; it's an education. Learn the nuances of how specific foods can boost your energy, improve cognitive function, and keep you feeling full and focused throughout your demanding business day. With the right nutrition, you're not just investing in your health but ensuring your business decisions are made on a foundation of clarity and vitality.

Mindset Development

Our Mindset Development delves into the psychology of success, empowering entrepreneurs to cultivate a growth-oriented attitude. This isn't just about positivity; it's about resilience, adaptability, and the mental fortitude to take on business challenges head-on. A fortified mindset coupled with physical well-being is the ultimate recipe for sustained business growth and personal satisfaction.

Success stories

Personal Trainer Mandurah
"Kagan is an amazing trainer. Since working with Break Habit I have lost over 17KG and I'm the lightest I have been in over 17 years. I'm starting to get definition and I'm feeling amazing. the workouts with Kagan give me stability and routine, I get more done out of every day as a result which is great for my productivity and business."
Bolt Blue Business owner Ben Wendel has improved his business through improving his health and fitness and Break Habit Personal Training Mandurah
Ben Wendel
Business Owner,
"Kagan has really helped me with my physical fitness. What I've noticed is I'm handling my stress so much better. I also have more energy during the day and don't suffer from the brain fog I used to get. Thanks Kagan for all your help.”
Linda Targett improved her fitness and consequently her business at Break Habit Personal Training Mandurah
Linda Targett
Business Owner,

There's no separating the health of a business owner from the health of the business.

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