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Fed up with feeling out of place in the gym? Wondering if you’re doing those exercises right? Let Break Habit Personal Training be your guide out of the fitness fog. With us, you’ll learn the secrets of the gym, mastering equipment and exercises with ease. Kagan your PT is here to help you refine your technique, build strength, and achieve your goals with finesse and fun. It’s time to step up your fitness game, leaving behind the guesswork and embracing a path to a healthier, stronger you.

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The Risks of Improper Training Techniques

Take the standard squat for example. Having a bad squatting technique can lead to several issues:

  1. Increased Injury Risk: Poor form can cause knee strains, lower back injuries, and muscle tears.
  2. Muscle Imbalances: Incorrect technique can lead to overuse of some muscles and underuse of others.
  3. Reduced Effectiveness: Bad form reduces the exercise’s efficiency in targeting key muscle groups.
  4. Joint Stress: Improper form can cause uneven stress distribution, particularly on knees and lower back.
  5. Postural Problems: Repeated poor squatting can contribute to long-term postural issues.
  6. Limited Progression: Incorrect technique can hinder strength and fitness progression.

Learning proper squat technique and focusing on form before increasing weight is crucial for avoiding these issues.

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The Solution – Hiring a Personal Trainer

Take control of your fitness journey by hiring Kagan as your personal trainer. With Kagan’s expertise, you’ll receive a workout plan that’s not just effective but also tailored specifically to your fitness level and goals. Benefit from Kagan’s focused guidance to perfect your technique, reducing injury risks and boosting your progress. Kagan isn’t just a trainer; he’s your motivational partner and accountability coach, keeping you driven and on track. Don’t just dream about achieving your fitness goals—make them a reality with Kagan’s professional support. Ready to elevate your fitness journey with Kagan? Click on the “Enquire Now” button to get started!

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Next Steps

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Take the first step today and book in a free training session and assessment with Break Habit. During this session, we will discuss the problems you’re having and go over any specific training areas you want to improve on. We will then work with you to ensure you stay on track and reach your goals. Contact us to get started.