Unleash Your Inner Fitness Warrior with Break Habit Personal Training!

Seeking a wildly fun and exhilarating journey to conquer your health and fitness dreams? Look no further! Break Habit Personal Training Erskine is your ultimate sidekick in this thrilling adventure. We’re wildly passionate about transforming lives, one sweat sesh at a time, guiding you towards a fantabulous, healthier, and more joyous existence. Let’s kickstart this epic quest together!
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Shatter Those Pesky Unhealthy Habits & Unleash a Brand New You

At Break Habit Personal Training Erskine, we’re all about reimagining your fitness universe! We dive headfirst into the world of workouts, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset to shatter old habits and rebuild them into shiny, new, superpowered ones. Our mission? To rocket-launch you into a lasting and positively charged lifestyle transformation, way beyond your Break Habit escapade.


Solo or Couple Fitness Programs: Personal Training for One & Two!

On the hunt for a Erskine personal trainer? Ta-da! We’ve got you covered with One-on-One Personal Training and Couples Personal Training, custom-crafted just for you. Our training and nutrition plans are like your very own superhero suit, tailor-made to your goals and lifestyle. With Kagan, our Trainer-in-Chief, by your side, you’ll be armed with knowledge, support, and an array of resources to keep you on the fast track to victory!
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Your Ticket to a Victorious Fitness Voyage!

Results, results, results – that’s the Break Habit Personal Trainers Mandurah mantra! We’re committed to catapulting you towards your dream health and fitness milestones in a mere 12 weeks with our show-stopping programs. Our holistic approach embraces life’s many flavors, ensuring your journey is a delightful, contract-free rollercoaster ride. And did we mention our no-strings-attached free consultations and assessments? Oh yes, we’re all about that!

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Discover the Break Habit Personal Training Magic

Motivation & Accountability

Break Habit Personal Training provides motivation and accountability to stay on track and reach health & fitness goals.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our trainer Kagan provides the knowledge and support needed to achieve success.

Personalised Plans

We create personalised training and nutrition plans tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

Ongoing Support

We offer accountability and support for our clients and can provide resources, recommendations and referrals to specialists.


We are focused on getting results! We will help you achieve the results you want in as little as 12 weeks with our health and fitness programs.

No Lock In Contracts

Unlike many other trainers, we don’t lock you into contracts. We want to strengthen your 'commitment' muscle, not trap you into a payment plan.

Private Gym Environment

With a fully-kitted out private gym at your disposal you can workout in a non-threatening environment without the judging eyes of a commercial gym setting

holistic Approach

We know that life is made up of more than just diet and exercise. We take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing and make the journey as enjoyable as possible.

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Embark on the Ultimate Health & Fitness Expedition!

Ready to embark on the ultimate health and fitness odyssey? Reach out to us today and book your FREE consultation and assessment. Together, we’ll map out a personalized training and nutrition plan designed to fit your lifestyle like a glove. So, strap in and let the transformation begin!

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